The All-New 2015 HONDA Fit

Honda Fit, a hatchback which is known for its versatility has carried the same reputation, as not a lot has changed in that department for the year 2015; however, the vehicle has received some major updates in design from the inside as well as from the outside.

The 2015 HONDA fit has received some changes from the outside. You wouldn’t say that the company has completely changed the design but it is more of an updated design. One could say that the design is evolutionary instead of revolutionary. That however, is not the case when you go inside the vehicle as HONDA has completely transformed the cabin, making it a lot more spacious than before.

2015 HONDA Fit Front Interior

Those who are willing to buy the all new HONDA Fit, will notice that the vehicle comes with other benefits besides the new design and spacious interior. The company has added some latest features and made the new version a lot more fuel efficient.

The 2015 HONDA Fit comes with a 1.5 L 4-cylinder engine which can produce up to 130 HP. The engine comes with 6-speed manual transmission as standard which gives 29 mpg inside the city whereas; on the highway it gives 37 mpg. The availability of CVT, which, in simple words is automatic transmission, makes the fuel efficiency figures a lot more impressive, with the vehicle giving 33 mpg in the city and 41 mpg on the highway.

The latest version of Honda Fit has come over all the deficiencies that the last year’s model had. The materials used in the interior for the latest version is superior to that used in the previous one. The new dashboard makes the vehicles look a lot more modern from the inside and creates a great ambiance. 2015 Honda Fit also comes with some latest features that will come as standard, such as, Bluetooth audio and back camera. The reason why these two are highlighted particularly for Honda Fit is because, not many cars in this category come with these features.

The new 2015 Honda Fit has received some really good reviews for its smooth driving experience. Also, the handling is also one of the commendable things about the vehicle. Besides that, the versatility of the car is simply remarkable.  There is plenty of legroom for passengers in the back seat, particularly good for the people who find it very difficult to adjust in an economy vehicle due to their height.

The Honda fit comes with safety features like, airbags, traction control, stability control etc. One of the prominent safety features to talk about is a backup camera which comes as standard on every Fit model.

All in all, the latest 2015 Honda Fit covers pretty much every aspect and that too, in an affordable price. The economical price tag along with exceptional fuel economy, good handling and smooth driving experience makes it one of the best vehicles in its category.

9 Photos of the The All-New 2015 HONDA Fit

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