New 2015 Jeep Compass exterior, interior and engine

New 2015 Jeep Compass displays exterior design is quite luxurious with a very elegant concept. So this will be a very good consideration to make this SUV as the main option every trip we do. Moreover, we will also get the convenience of a very interesting through the whole given to the best feature is very interesting. It also will be an important part of the overall consideration used. Maybe we will also consider some of the important features implemented option very well on all parts. Moreover, this SUV also uses a lot of important parts of the whole driving experience we want.

Integration of the best engines offered on the New 2015 Jeep Compass will also allow us to perform with a better impression. Moreover, this SUV will also perform with the support of a 2.4-liter version that will produce the best strength. In fact, we can also get an integrated speed with very impressive through the 172-hp. Of course this would be considered a pretty good while we maximize all parts of the machine. However, we also have to consider all parts of the machine that is used with the latest technology concepts. Usually this concept will give effect to the entire image and desired comfort better. In fact, we are also able to maximize all the features of the machine very easily.

Machines are applied to the New 2015 Jeep Compass also offers an impressive selection of features via a five-speed manual gearbox and a six-speed automatic. The transmission will allow us to gain maximum strength with very impressive. Moreover, the choice of these features will collaborate with all parts better appearance. So that makes us get the impression the concept more interesting experience. In fact, the Jeep offers environmentally friendly technology that makes all parts of the engine looks better while maximizing fuel usage. Of course this will also influence the amount of emissions produced as a whole.

The size of the cabin is quite spacious on the New 2015 Jeep Compass will help us get a very impressive comfort. Moreover, the size of this cabin will allow us to maximize the entire selection of the best features of a given technology. So the whole trip we get a pretty good impression. The design concepts of this impressive seat that will make us perform very well. The material used in all parts will also give a better impression than other SUVs. Some of the options given to the best feature of this SUV consists of a navigation device, a touchscreen with impressive applications, audio players, and others. This SUV has a price of about $ 19,000.

24 Photos of the New 2015 Jeep Compass exterior, interior and engine


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  1. Martha Pliego says:

    Quiero comprar una compass 2015, cuando llegan a México y vcual es el precio.?

  2. Martha Pliego says:

    Quiero comprar una camioneta jeep Compass, cual es el precio para México y cuando va a salir? URGE

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