The One For The Family: 2015 DACIA Dokker

The demands of consumers all around the world are changing. Gone are the days when people were satisfied with vehicles that could only get them from one place to another. In the modern era, people do not only want conveyance but they want several other things to go with it. Some people want speed along with a classy interior and exterior, some people like big vehicles, some like motor bikes. Likewise there is a group of people who want to accommodate their entire family in a single vehicle as well as, want enough space in the same vehicle to keep their luggage.

There is a vehicle that fulfills all the requirements mentioned above regarding accommodation capacity and luggage space, the 2015 DACIA Dokker. The name of the vehicle “Dokker” is taken from the word of English language “dockworker” who is an individual responsible for loading and unloading of things on ports. This is why the vehicle is called “Dokker, it can carry your luggage and also give a full of pleasure driving experience.

2015 DACIA Dokker Car

The targeted audiences for the 2015 DACIA Dokker are the consumers who are willing to buy a polyvalent car that can give families a comfortable trip as well as carry their luggage. Dokker can contain in itself 5 people and has an extremely large area for the families to keep their stuff. It is one of the most spacious vehicles out there in the market. The lateral doors of the vehicle can slide open and at the back, the vehicle has asymmetrical doors which give an easy access to the inside.

The vehicle has a typical DACIA look. The large units of lights along with the radiator grill design indicate the fact that the vehicle belongs to the family of Dacia. The shape of lights unit, which reflects technology and innovation, is a part of an all new visual identity of Dacia.

The 2015 DACIA Dokker comes with the TCe petrol engine. The engine will give you about 41.3 MPG of fuel. However, there is an option available for consumers willing to have a diesel engine. The diesel engine dCi 90 is available. The fuel consumption that a consumer will get from this particular engine is going to be a 52.2 MPG.

All in all, 2015 DACIA Dokker is an ideal vehicle for a family, especially when you plan on going with your family on a picnic or on longer routes. This vehicle does not only guarantee comfort, it also gives you an ample amount of space to store your luggage and lots of space for the family to have a comfortable drive. So, the next time you think about buying a family car, 2015 DACIA Dokker could be the vehicle you want.

9 Photos of the The One For The Family: 2015 DACIA Dokker

2015 DACIA Dokker Side Exterior2015 DACIA Dokker Right Exterior2015 DACIA Dokker Open Top View2015 DACIA Dokker Front View2015 DACIA Dokker Front Interior2015 DACIA Dokker Front Interior View2015 DACIA Dokker Front Exterior2015 DACIA Dokker Console2015 DACIA Dokker Car

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