The 2015 Bentley Grand Convertible Is An Obscene Creation Of The Best British Craftsmanship

Shopping in the class of the most opulent vehicles will, sooner or later, get you onto the path of looking at a Bentley. A vast range of spectacular cars are in offer, but if you are truly interested in acquiring something incredible, the newest 2015 Bentley Grand Convertible is possibly the only car you should consider. As a droptop Mulsanne, the Grand Convertible is like an overkill in the luxury department. Just to make what are we talking about here clear: get this – it has the biggest wood piece ever installed in a Bentley, The hide equaling to cattle of 14 no’s per car have been used to provide the leather inside and the paint coating on the outside is possibly the most unnecessary thing anyone needs on a car. However, this is a bespoke Bentley, a car made with such extraordinary attention to details; it is hard to find a flaw on it

Bentley revealed this majestic car in Hollywood just before the LA Auto Show started in 2014. Many important celebrities and people of business attended the show where they could hear extraordinary stories about the new car and, interestingly enough, a few of them attended the show with the Continental GTC. The real question here is not whether this car is good. Of course it is. It is probably one of the best convertibles ever built. The question is should anyone pay extra to drive in it next to the astonishing Bentley Continental GTC. The answer to this one is not that hard actually. Everything comes down to exclusivity and sheer uniqueness the car can provide to the person driving it. The Continental is a proper car for all sorts of hooning and enjoying, but the matter of a fact is that everyone can have it. Every Premiership footballer or a Kim Kardashian-like celebrity can buy and enjoy it. For some strange reasons, the Grand Convertible is not so easily attainable by just anyone. A special kind of refrained, refined and educated wealthy person will enjoy it which is enough to launch the Grand Convertible in a rather special market niche.

2015 Bentley Grand Convertible Interior

Here, mistakes are not allowed. The leather has to be perfect, the wood exemplary and the roof with a closing mechanism absolutely perfect. And it is. The same way as the proper W12 engine with 6.75 liters of capacity has enough might to haul this grandeur creation far beyond the comfort zone of anyone who will actually be able to buy it. Let’s face it. The Bentley Grand Convertible will be the ultimate show car for the ones who built their empires a long time ago. So, they will be old and having something like this to pet them while they drive. That is not only a matter of prestige. It is also a matter of taste. The 2015 Bentley Grand Convertible is great in all aspects. It is fashionable, prestigious, luxurious and with 530hp with 811 lb ft of torque, fast.

So, if you ever had affection for the Convertibles, but wanted only something that is almost obscene the 2015 Bentley Grand Convertible is the car for you. Price? Who really cares?

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