The 2015 BMW 328d Is An Ultimate Driving Machine With Prius Like Fuel Efficiency

Is this a better deal than the Prius!? Hell yeah. This is the ultimate driving machine and it stays that regardless of the clutter of the two liter diesel engine inside. Officially, the 2015 BMW 328d is capable of giving a magnificent 32 mpg in the city and up to 45 mpg on the highway. However, some previous experiences of drivers of this vehicle confirmed, the BMW 328d is able of returning up to 50 mpg on the highway, thus making it as fuel efficient as the Prius, but as refined and powerful as any other BMW 3 series.

Being a BMW 3 series, the car received a rather aggressive outside look with sharp front lights connected with the famous kidney grille and with modern light segments nicely garnished with LED daily lights and, of course, the world famous “Angel eyes” at front. Behind the name 328d a modern and highly powerful two liter diesel engine capable of delivering 180 HP is hidden. That is not a number out of this world but the other number representing the torque value almost is. With 280 lb ft of torque, the 328d is a really, really capable family hauler and highway cruiser.

2015 BMW 328d Expert Advice

Being a rear wheel drive vehicle, the 2015 BMW 328d is as sporty as you’d expect. Thanks to low overall mass of the inline four turbocharged unit at front and almost perfect weight distribution between the front and the rear, this diesel machine can provide exciting and rather astonishing driving performance regardless of the electric servo assistance installed.

With the optional M-Sport package, the car can be equipped with adjustable suspension similar to that on the M cars. With three modes (Sport, Comfort and Eco Pro), the driver can nicely weigh the suspension, steering, transmission ferocious and throttle response.

Even though the maximum power don’t suggest that this diesel powered machine can provide any kind of spectacle, the 0-60 acceleration time of just over 8 seconds and the beautiful eight speed automatic transmission with manual or automatic modes provide top notch performance unmatched by other similarly equipped and similarly powered vehicles.

Sport mode is just one side of the story. It seems that the integration of the Eco Pro mode is more important. Smartly restricting the throttle response, adjusting suspension and any other element for providing minimal resistance to the air and to the ground, the BMW 328d can basically teach the driver how to drive it and how to achieve the best possible fuel consumption values. Also, coasting mode is available on every unit equipped with the eight speed automatic. This transmission mode automatically decouples the engine from the drive shaft thus enabling slower deceleration and saving fuel in the process. Coasting mode operates independently and it is always activated when the driver puts down his foot from the pedal between the speeds of 30 mph to 100 mph.

All in all, the 2015 BMW 328d is the type of car that certainly kept the “ultimate driving machine” moniker standing tall, but smart elements that provide better fuel efficiency made a real record breaker out of it. The car is available as a sedan, as a wagon and with the xDrive all- wheel drive. Expectedly, the option list is so long you could sit for hours and try to figure out what to chose and how to equip the car.

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