The 2015 BMW M5 Could Be The Best Car Overall

If you were to pick a car to drive for the rest of your life, which one would it be!? A Ferrari, a Porsche, maybe an SUV or an S-class Merc!? No, you shouldn’t pick any of them. The only car that deserves to be driven for the rest of life because it will be fully usable throughout its life span is the 2015 BMW M5 F30. It is a German super saloon – one of those whose upgraded 16-speaker Bang & Olufsen surround-sound system, a rear-seat entertainment system (with dual 9.2-inch screens) and smartphone app integration that includes LTE WiFi connectivity and various mobile-office functions performance are almost on par with the supercars of today, but whose refinement on the road is comparable to that of an executive saloon. Really, BMW made it do many things including grocery shopping, highway cruising, being eco-friendly (although this one is debatable to say the least), to be as polite as possible and when needed to be a blast of a lifetime.

What the newest one has what no other had before is the keyless entry and ignition now coming as standard. Also, some other equipment features were shuffled around thus making the M5 a bit of better valued than before. Anyone interested in buying it, of course, isn’t in because the price or value, but for the sheer performance and style. You’ll have a lot of it here for sure. The most amazing prospect about any BMW M5 model is that all of them have always been timeless. Whether you have the first one, or the latest one you are able to proudly come and park it in front of a Monaco casino and no one will think for a moment that you got there with an invitation and not by buying $50.000 worth of “chips”.

2015 BMW M5 Sedan

As for the newest 2015 BMW M5, BMW continued with the all good and working receipt from the 2011. Nothing has been radically transformed in over four years, but that doesn’t mean that the M5 is any less thrilling than it was. Actually, with the magnificent 4.4-liters Twin-Turbocharged Engine developing 560 HP, this monster sedan with subtle exterior enhancements is as capable as it gets. It is a proper, refined and tamed Euro muscle which doesn’t shout as before (due to the turbocharged engines), but it goes even faster. As for the 2015, BMW offered an even more powerful Competition version which in the M5 30 Jahre edition boasts the power up to 600 HP. The M boss stated they aren’t going to try and overcome this figure for now. So, it’s the most powerful M ever.

With all the power onboard, the tech underneath the metal is quite impressive. Seven speed dual clutch transmission is the one you really should go for, but, in accordance with the proper BMW M heritage, the six speed manual is still available (but its days will probably be numbered in a few years).While truly adapted to provide the best possible driving experience with all the high tech suspension systems and other bits and bobs, the 2015 BMW M5 can also be a tame animal with a press of a button. The 4.1 seconds to 60 mph machine is garnished with all sorts of modern things such as a 16-speaker Bang & Olufsen sound system, a rear-seat entertainment, smartphone app integration, LTE WiFi connectivity and other. In addition to that, you can have carbon ceramic brakes, better 20 inch wheels and more. The Competition package active means that a whole lot more in the driving department had been improved. The M Limited slip differential for example is standard here. Special stability controls in the system and better sorted out steering also make a notable change.

Therefore, the 2015 BMW M5 is possibly the best sedan of today. Heck, it is one of the few best cars ever.

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