The 2015 BMW Z4 Is Still One Of The Best Rounded Sport Roadsters Out There

Trying to find a perfect small sports car and not considering BMW’s best bet in the segment – the Z4, would be a huge mistake. The car, whose roots reach way back to the Eighties and the most mysterious BMW Z1, certainly has some rather appealing features that make it vigorously charming and more alluring in comparison with any other similarly dimensioned sports car. Think about it, BMW actually doesn’t have a true classic sports car in its lineup.

The M cars are definitely insanely fast and track ready, but they are only spruced up versions of the sedans and coupes sold to “normal” people. On the other hand, the i8 is an exceptionally crafted futuristic hybrid machine, but it isn’t exactly a classic sports car like the Merc’s AMG GT or the Audi R8. Really, the Z4 is the ultimate BMW sporting machine and it is good even if it isn’t hitting against the likes of the AMG or Porsche racers.

2015 BMW Z4 Features

Competing with cars such as the Audi TT (sort of) and the Mercedes SLK, the 2015 BMW Z4 became a two seater with removable hard top and with the classic layout of a sports car. The front engine and rear wheel driven car, with a manual or an advanced automatic in the middle, is the best way to create a classic European small roadster and BMW remained loyal to the recipe.

The 2015 BMW Z4, however, isn’t the newest kid on the block. With the first units appearing on the roads back in 2009, it is obvious that BMW needs some sort of a major update to keep this car fresh for a few more years. Trying to do so, BMW gave the Z4 a rather nice makeover in 2013. LED front daylights were integrated, the car dropped of all naturally aspirated engines it used and some versions even got a new six speed manual transmission. Of course, the eight speed automatic became available later on and this transmission is available for the 2015 Z4 as well.

Interestingly, BMW produced more than 100.000 units of the sports roadster in the last five years. The demand was enough to keep the car in production and one of the reasons why this car remained popular is the introduction of many different engines. There really aren’t so many sports cars with more than two engines in offer. The second gen BMW Z4 had seven different engines in offer in its lifetime and now the car is available with three different power plants for the US market with power ranging from 240 HP to 335 HP. European customers can opt for lower powered models some of which are powered by engines developing less than 200 HP.

All in all, low weight, sports styling, wonderfully sorted suspension and exceptionally engaging steering with all sorts of modern touches to it make the 2015 BMW Z4 a car which can stand next to any Mercedes SLK and even compete with vehicles such as the Porsche Boxster.

As it reached its sixth year on the market, the 2015 BMW Y4 received a wealth of standard equipment. Even the entry level car comes with keyless ignition and entry, with automatic wipers, dual-zone climate control, powered seats, bluetooth connectivity and other goodies. The high end version has got all sorts of modern gizmos including things such as adaptive dampers and special ride control.

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