The 2015 Cadillac ELR Is A Very Expensive Toy That Virtually Doesn’t Have To Use A Sip Of Fuel Ever

As the more luxurious brother of the GM’s best known electric car Volt, the Cadillac ELR probably represents the future of motoring in a rather interesting fashion. Developed on the basis of the Chevrolet Volt, but highly modified by Cadillac engineers, the 2015 Cadillac ELR brings us luxuriously formed interior with the exterior looks of a really futuristic Cadillac. When the car was released back in 2013, its looks certainly appealed to the masses, but the tech inside didn’t really catch on with the premium and upscale sense this car simply had to bring with it. However, the 2015 ELR is slightly different than the one Cadillac started with in the first place. The car had been slightly modified and changed during the two year period and despite poor sales and incredibly high price, the Cadillac ELR stayed in offer.

Looking similar to the CTS Coupe, the Cadillac ELR can be distinguished from the Chevrolet Volt in every visual way possible. If you don’t know its ties with the Chevy’s cheaper electric car, than it would be hard to spot any similarities between the two. Classic modern Cadillac styling dominates the exterior, but Cadillac had to make rather big compromises on the inside to achieve such appealing exterior looks. First of all, the space inside is good enough at the front, but at the back, many found the Cadillac ELR to be lacking in the level of comfort provided by similarly priced cars. That is actually the biggest issue with the ELR. It is not a bad car. It looks good, it rides well and it is purposefully built to cut down fuel consumption costs considerably.

2015 Cadillac ELR Gear Knob

However, it is priced in the BMW 6 series range and it simply doesn’t deliver the quality that the 6 series or other similar cars do.

The 2015 Cadillac ELR was supposed to be discontinued; however, lack of buyers made Cadillac to transfer the 2014 model year cars to the 2015 model year. Luckily, the car will live on, but we can expect an all new revised 2016 ELR this year, which could have a slightly lower price tag too. Now, the 2015 Cadillac ELR is available in small numbers, but even these available can be considered as really specked up cars with such a long list of luxury and electronic amenities that you’d suspect this car is something of a technological showdown. Every single electronic gadget can be found in the 2015 ELR, including modern infotainment system with Internet connectivity, SiriusXM Bose stereo system, LED lighting, a heated steering wheel, dual-zone A/C, a rear parking camera, adaptive cruise control, automatic headlights, remote start system, Bluetooth connectivity, etc.

All of this is obviously very impressive, but the propulsion system is clearly the centerpiece of this car. T shaped 16,5 kWh batteries are integrated low and close to the ground thus considerably lowering the center of gravity in comparison with similarly shaped cars. The batteries provide power to the two front electric motors connected with the front wheels. The end result is a Caddy with front wheels driven only by electric motors. Moreover, the 1,4 liter petrol engine on-board serves as a range extender and it is only used when the batteries are depleted and in need of electric power. In that case, the petrol engine works only to recharge the batteries. The system is, of course, more powerful than the one in the Chevy Volt and the official power rating is at 207 HP.

Thanks to the electric drive, the car can virtually always be driven using only electricity. Technically, if your daily commute (or commute between recharging) is up to 37 miles, you’ll never have to stop by the gas station. How cool is that!?

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