The 2015 Chevrolet Captiva Is Nearing Its End With More Gizmos Than Ever

The European, Asian and Japanese 2015 Chevrolet Captiva aren’t the same cars. Interestingly, the US received its much different version called the Chevrolet Captiva Sport and it was only a rebadged Saturn Vue, or a rebadged Vauxhall Antara for that matter. However, the one in Europe and in Australia aren’t quite like that. Actually, the look of this SUV was largely influenced by the styling trends of the market and the one introduced in Europe (2006-2011) wasn’t exactly revolutionary, but it was excitingly rational. The size was right, the shape elegantly proportioned and the gizmos inside nicely distributed throughout the trim levels. This was way back in 2006, when the midsize crossovers just started finding their place under the sun. Interestingly, the Captiva, with a major redesign in 2011 is still available on the market in some countries (not in Europe tough as the Chevrolet discontinued all its cars from there).

As for the 2015 model year, the 2015 Chevrolet Captiva didn’t receive a major makeover or redesign, but it continued to march on as a car singing the swan song and telling the world it’ll cease to exist in this form soon. However, before it leaves us, not for good we hope (we have seen some spy photos of the new one), Chevrolet made it as modern as it was possible to do. The looks are much different than before. Actually, the front is so much better executed that the Captiva feels like a completely new car. It looks as the successor. That, however, isn’t the case, although it received a whole lot of interesting gizmos on the inside which seriously up its appeal.

2015 Chevrolet Captiva Interior

Entering the cabin it is easy to spot mid 2000s vibe, cleverly masked with an 7 inch display, modern infotainment system with Bluetooth and USB connectivity and dual zone climate control. These features are available on the LTZ version, but even the lower end LS and LT trim levels come with all sorts of gadgets which make the Captiva quite an impressive SUV with great value. The four wheel drive system is also available, although it is not as comprehensive as the systems in other similar SUVs. This is a four wheel drive on-demand system which engages the rear wheels via an electronically operated clutch. It’ll do some off-road, but don’t expect Land Cruiser like features from it.

The final versions available have better NVH values, more equipment than ever and advanced safety features to compensate for its aging structure and architecture. Systems like Hydraulic Brake Assist, Descent Control System and Active Rollover Protection will make it as safe as possible.

As for the power, the 2015 Chevrolet Captiva received 2.4 liter and three liter petrol engines developing 167 HP and 258 HP. On the other hand, the 2.2 liter diesel was available in two different power outputs – 163 HP and 184 HP.

14 Photos of the The 2015 Chevrolet Captiva Is Nearing Its End With More Gizmos Than Ever

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