The 2015 Chevrolet Express Is An American Muscle Among The Vans

Seeking a proper commercial van and not considering the 2015 Chevrolet Express is simply wrong. Yea, more modern and more advanced solutions are available, but if you need reliability, exceptional tow, and load capability as well as classic American muscle to haul your stuff around then it’s hard to find something more suitable.

Even by today’s standards, the Chevy Express looks properly mean and like it came out of some Hollywood movie. It’s a mean machine you’d like to install a ‘Vette engine in! Yet, the looks and the image aren’t quite interesting in this class anymore. But, the functionality, versatility, and reliability are.

2015 Chevrolet Express Gallery

As for the 2015 model year, Chevrolet ditched the Express 1500. The only versions left are 2500 and 3500, both of which powered by rear wheel drive only. So, not only did the 1500 walk away from the scene, but also the four-wheel drive version is now out. On the other hand, some additional features are now standard – including better radio unit and 120 volts outlet. Despite the appeal, incredible good muscle look, the ability to tow more than 10000 pounds and drive 15 passengers, the Chevy Express lags behind its main competition. Its nemesis comes in the form of European styled lighter unibody vans with smaller engines. Powering the Chevy is only a V8 engine and while that may not have been a problem a few decades ago, it is a problem right now. This thing is thirsty.

Three different engine options are available. Smaller V8 N/A engine (4.8L) gets you to 285hp and 295 lb-ft of torque, while the bigger 6.0L V8 will make up to 342hp and 373lb-ft of torque. The CNG version of the bigger engine is available, but it is down on power to 282hp. The petrol engines are definitely reliable and will run forever, but they don’t cut it when it comes to power or fuel consumption. Combined, 6 liter CNG and smaller 4.8L return lousy 13 mpg. As for the diesel, only the Express 3500 will get it. V8 with 6.6L capacity provides 260hp and 525 lb-ft of torque. This one will tow 10000 pounds. As for the fuel efficiency – EPA does not measure it for vehicles towing more than 6.000 pounds. It is not good, that is for sure.

While we may require more in terms of the economic value of the Express, the fact is this is a car is full of classic American character. It will get things done (although it will eat resources more than anyone else). In the process, it will provide exceptional safety for the cargo and for the passengers. Side airbags are standard (for the three rows of seating), as well as the ESP, OnStar Emergency program, rearview camera, parking sensors and other.

As expected, the buyers can opt for a wealth of special equipment features making the 2015 Chevrolet Express specifically tailored for the purpose they need it most. True, the owners will have to pay extra for the fuel as all the competitors are employing smaller engines, lighter structure (this is body on frame Van and not a uni-body design) and achieving much higher mpg values with similar performance.

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