The 2015 Ford Mondeo Is Finally Out There And It Is Much The Same As The American Fusion

Europe has waited for the new Ford Mondeo for so long that many actually forgot it exist. Although it was revealed three years ago at a special Ford event in Amsterdam, the 2015 Ford Mondeo had to be prepared for two more years to actually reach the European market.

Basically, Ford closed down a Brussels’s plant where the last gen car was made and transferred the production to Spain. That required some time. Now, when the car is basically available on every major market, it has to be good to justify all the fuss Ford created in 2012 when it was revealed for the first time.

2015 Ford Mondeo Price

Receiving a rather nice exterior look complemented with an enormous front grill loosely based on the grill you can see on Aston Martin cars, the Ford Mondeo received elegant lines with aggressive front end and nicely crafted rear end. It would be sacrilege to call it premium so we won’t but we have to say that the 2015 Ford Mondeo in its best Titanium iteration is possibly the closest thing to premium with Ford badge on it. The look is definitely something Ford is playing on. However, the rest of the car received a major makeover in comparison with the last generation. Everything is new, including the suspension, engines, interior and the architecture underneath all of it.

For the 2015 model year, the Ford Mondeo remained much the same, but the US version of the same car named the Fusion received some minor changes.

Riding on the same successful path as before, the Ford Fusion received a rear view camera (now available as standard), which definitely improved the low speed safety and improved the ease of drive which was one of the most important improvements Ford had to do due to sheer size of the thing.

The Ford Fusion (the Ford Mondeo for rest of the world) is available in the US in three different trim levels. S, SE and Titanium make the backbone of its offering with additional possibilities to opt for the all-wheel drive or for some special equipment packages that bring better infotainment, more sporty equipment or more comprehensive safety tech. Even in the entry S trim, the Fusion is equipped with equipment such as aluminum wheels, smart key, powered driver and passenger seat, climate control and rather nice sound system with satellite radio. This, of course isn’t bad at all. The same can be said for the Mondeo sold in other countries. Much the same equipment is available, with the high-end cars getting the bells and whistles usually associated with premium cars. One of them is inflatable rear seatbelts (first time used on the Mercedes S-class and now in the Mondeo)

The 2015 Ford Mondeo is powered by a 2.5 liter four cylinder engine developing 175 HP. A 1.6 liter EcoBoost with 182 HP is also available, but the best bet with it is the two liter EcoBoost giving out 240 HP. Yes, this is the engine from the Ford Focus ST. So, it’s very good. As a final offering is a new 1.5 liter EcoBoost that can return fuel economy of 29 mpg combined which is awesome to say the least. As for the cars sold outside the US, they received various diesel engines with power range from 115 HP to 180 HP.

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