The 2015 Ford Super Duty Trucks Are The Answer To Your Heavy Duty Tasks

Heavy duty trucks are big business in the US. Going way back to times after the Second World War, the trucks bought by Americans in millions were the building blocks of the country and Ford, with many iterations of its F-series trucks was the biggest name in the business. Many counterparts came over the years, but the Ford F-series remained strong and their Super Duty line of trucks remained the backbone of the whole truck market.

The 2015 Ford Super Duty isn’t any different. Revealing it at the end of 2013, Ford showed the massive US truck market what they were up to by redesigning and making the F-series 2015 Ford Super Duty trucks even better suited for the toughest jobs out there. Looking at it from the outside nothing much has been changed. It still has that strange sad face garnished with gorgeous chromed grille and the biggest Ford oval you ever saw. Of course, these things were on it even before. Last major redesign hit it in 2011, but even with updates for the 2015 model year, the Super Duty gained some interesting improvements that will certainly be valued by its users.

2015 Ford Super Duty Rear View

First and foremost, its massive 6.7 liter power stroke diesel engine which already had a power of 400 HP and insane 800 lb ft of torque, was thoroughly redesigned. While they were looking to lower the emissions and all that things, they were also busy increasing the power of the thing. After installing larger turbocharger, new fuel-injectors, an apparently better fuel pump, and improved exhaust sensory system, the power surged from 400 HP to 440 HP and to 860 lb ft of torque. Now, that is some serious diesel power. Some called it diesel viagra and we cannot agree more. Improving the power output definitely had some effect on the whole frame and chassis. That is why the 2015 Ford Super Duty F-450, which is one of the biggest and most capable out there, had its frame strengthened in key places. The result is a tow capability of up to 25000 lbs.

However, not only was the muscly stuff tinkered with. Ford improved the engine brake, installed new torque converter and made the truck scream and shout when hauling anything you think can fit its bed. True, the rear suspension was redesigned reports suggest that even hauling 1000 lb of weight doesn’t compromise the performance or driving characteristic that much.

As expected, the 6.2 liter 385 HP gas engine stayed the same, and the cars can be equipped with the two wheel drive or with the four wheel drive system. As a final stretch, Ford offers the 2015 Super Duty as a King ranch F-series truck. That is basically like having a golden hammer. Super Duty is all about simplicity, heavy duty work and other “ranch” stuff, and King ranch is just the luxurious version of it. It looks nice and powerful despite all the irony involved.

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