The 2015 HONDA FCEV – The Future In Your Hands

The 2015 HONDA FCEV is without a doubt next best thing that is going to appear in the market.  By the looks of it, it seems like a space ship.  The car comes with aerodynamic style, designed to perfection.  The body is low profile with five doors. Front of the vehicle is very large with nails so long that they hide the headlights. The bottom has a grille, which is beautifully designed, adding to the beauty of the vehicle. Going behind the vehicle, the car comes with a huge spoiler that combines with the rear window and the roof. Lights at the back go from one corner to another without any separation in between. Windows of this vehicle are all tinted black. The lock of the door isn’t visible and the design of the mirror is very unique.

Going inside the latest Honda FCEV, the cabin has enough room for 5 passengers to accommodate comfortably. The space inside the cabin is pretty spacious and comfortable for passengers. It is hard to get more information regarding the interior as the engineers have kept it away from public, not letting out too much information. According to some rumors, the work on the interior is in the process and going to some major changes, but one thing is for certain it is going to be nothing less than what the exterior indicates, some high-tech features, high-end materials and comfortable seats. The 2015 Honda FCEV has what every driver expects in a modern day car, including, a quality audio system, camera, navigation, good display, climate and good quality lighting.


The 2015 Honda FCEV is the pioneer in terms of using fuel cells. It is the very first vehicle in the market that uses fuel cells in the engine section under the hood. This is going to have a huge impact on the performance of the vehicle as a whole. The dimensions of this vehicle have been brought down by 30%, but the installations of cells have improved the performance of the vehicle a great deal, going up to the figures of 500 miles by charging only once. It only takes about 3 minutes to refuel the engine. In order for Honda to make this work, hydrogen infrastructure is required throughout the country, it is indeed a challenge but they are working on it. For now, the company is solely focusing on producing the latest innovation with this vehicle.

The 2015 HONDA FCEV, is likely to be out in the market this year, however the price of the vehicle has not been announced yet, it is expected to be out initially in Japan, USA and then finally in Europe.

With the government regulations, it is hard to say whether the latest HONDA FCEV will deliver what is expected of it. But one thing is for sure, no matter what happens, Honda with their latest FCEV has been successfully able to catch the attention of car lovers from all around the world.

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