The 2015 Lancia Voyager Is An All American People Hauler For Europe

Lancia is struggling with the sales. They are so bad at selling their cars that FCA (their mother company) made a plan of keeping Lancia as an Italy only model with the small city car Ypsilon as the only one in offer. That basically means that the Thema, the Delta and the Voyager will die off (some of them already did). Now, the Voyager is definitely one of the most important rebranded American cars that ever set foot to Europe. Lancia used the Chrysler Town & Country with some clever badging and tried to sell it in Europe. It didn’t really work out as Sergio Marchionne (FCA’s boss) planned, so they’ve made the 2015 Lancia Voyager the last model year for this car.

As it is a rebadged Chrysler Town & Country, the Lancia Voyager doesn’t have any spectacular novelties or features we haven’t seen before on other MPVs. What’s more, the car even retained the 3.6 liter V6 engine and Lancia tried to sell it with that gas guzzler in Europe. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out how that ended. The other engine in offer in Europe is the 2.8 liter diesel unit. While you may think that the new 2.8 liter engine is actually the better bet, we have to point out that the diesel engine is sourced from Jeep cars (like the older Cherokee or even the Dodge Nitro). It is an inline four unit with a turbocharger, smart cooling and 163 HP with 265lb ft of torque (not as much as expected). That engine works great in US built SUVs and off-roaders but is somehow too rugged and unrefined for use in a comfortable people hauler such as the 2015 Lancia Voyager.

2015 Lancia Voyager Reviews

The car is enormous. It measures more than 205 inches in length and has a wheelbase of more than 121 inch. That is huge for any European car but on the plus side the car can seat seven inside (or eight if you really push it). In addition, a big hauler means that there can be some truly amazing features on the inside. The seats can be folded neatly and free a wonderful cargo area for things to haul. The room for head, legs and shoulders is more than needed in any MPV and the gizmos inside can be so rich that your kids won’t even feel they are on a trip entertaining themselves by playing games or watching movies on the screens at the back. They won’t even know you’re there.

What is amazing is that the Town & Country has all sorts of safety features making it more than adequate for providing top notch riding quality for a large family. Almost everything was translated into the 2015 Lancia Voyager. That means that the car will keep up the good work on the roads despite being based on an older Chrysler based car.

All in all, the 2015 Lancia Voyager is a great choice for the type of driver who will drive countless miles on the European highways. The large engines will probably last forever if you can overcome some refinement issues with them.

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