The 2015 Lexus GS 450h Is A Hybrid That Knows Some Sport

As a midsize luxury sedan, the Lexus GS had a tough time fighting its way against the premium contenders in form of the BMW 5 series, the Mercedes C-class and the Audi A4. Also, we can safely attach the Cadillac CTS in this all premium equation with a few notable appearances by the Jaguar XF. That basically sums up the competition the GS is up against and as it is obvious, this Japanese luxury saloon has a lot to live up to.

Its top notch version is the 2015 Lexus GS 450h and after the full makeover the GS received for the 2013, this 2015 Lexus GS450h comes with much the same exterior but with a few bits and pieces improved in comparison with the car from the two years before. The main changes happened deep beneath the exterior and the GS450h received an improved version of the CVT with a special Sport mode. Also, the integration of Apple enabled infotainment is one of the most important features while the head up display and displays inside the car were much redesigned and changed.

2015 Lexus GS 450h Gallery

However, we have to start to look at this car from the outside. Ever since Lexus left that boring old look and buried it deep under the carpets in Japan, they went all out with the exterior appearance. The so called L-Finesse design is evident here and the GS was one of the first cars receiving it. The enormous front grill isn’t as accentuated as on other newer Lexus vehicles but the design evolution on it is evident. However, the GS450h is a hybrid and it is, because of that, a bit more tame and restrained in terms of exterior styling. It looks like it has to be friendly and cute, while at the same time being able to cope with the most outrageous vehicles from the segment.

Coping with them, means that Lexus had to equip it with all sorts of advanced gadgets and devices making it therefore a very, very impressively advanced car. Basically, some of the elements in the 2015 Lexus GS 450h are adaptive cruise control which can brake the car, special adjustable shocks, variable ratio steering, full smartphone integration, collision warning, a driver drowsiness monitor and many more.

Lexus, however, wanted to especially highlight the sports character of the car. They’ve even offered a special F-Sport package for the 2015 Lexus GS450h with larger 19 inch wheels, a host of body decorations including aerodynamic elements on the outside, better brakes, sports seats and other. With it, this hybrid can excite better than any other. As its hybrid system is based on the 3.5 liter V6 and powerful electric motor, the maximum power output of the thing is 338 HP. With it 60 can be achieved in only 6 seconds while the millage is at 31 mpg combined. So, it’s not the most efficient hybrid, but it isn’t the slowest either.

What’s more, the hybrid system, inside enables it to cover short distances using only electricity. The electric motor can power the car up to 40 mph but only for a few miles.

The only major downside of the 2015 Lexus GS 450h in comparison with its lower powered GS 350 is the price difference. The question is, is it logical to pay a price premium over the lower powered version only to enjoy the hybrid drive?

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