The 2015 Lotus Evora GT4 Is A Ready Racing Car For Private Teams

Although Lotus is struggling to sell cars to survive on the market, the company is still dedicated to production and creation of the ultimate racing machines. Based on their top seller, the Evora, the Evora GT4 is one of the best racing cars currently produced by Lotus. Even though the Evora saw the light of the day six years ago, with recent redesign and improvements the car is still capable to deliver competitive performance to the world of speed. We have to love it regardless of all of its disadvantages, mainly because it has that simple sports car charm and in the racing version like the GT4, the Evora shines its way through the wilderness of the world racing tracks.

The car is much the same as before. That means that the 2015 Lotus Evora GT4 has all the necessary elements to compete in the SRO European GT4, the SRO British GT4, the Dutch Supercar and the Lotus Cup Series. The car is stripped, without much of the interior upholstery, dash, and other comfort creatures every driver is accustomed to. In the GT4, the diet was so severe that Lotus managed to shave somewhere around 440 lbs of weight to make it track worthy and capable of racing cars from the likes of BMW, Nissan, Audi and other.

2015 Lotus Evora GT4 Left Exterior

Lotus designed chassis acts as the best platform for the integration of advanced and modern suspension elements. The adjustable dampers and other high tech equipment works perfectly well with the Lotus engineered chassis. As the team dedicated to the construction and development of the chassis says, the Evora architecture is extremely well balanced, powerful and rigid. It provides an exceptional platform for the integration of different types of suspension setups thus making it possible for private teams to adjust the performance and character of the Evora for any track in the world.

The car is based on the Lotus Evora V6 Turbo. So, the engine inside develops north of 350 HP (with 328 lb ft of torque) and enables the 2.645 lbs car to achieve some serious performance. Although we do not know the exact data, the 2015 Lotus Evora GT4 has enough grunt to run some impressive lap times. Most importantly, the aerodynamic elements on the outside provide the car with the best possible downforce. We already know that, as standard, the Evora has an aerodynamic package maintaining zero lift characteristics, but the GT4 received a whole complement of additional aerodynamic elements. This way, the down-force is additionally improved which enhances cornering abilities and stability at high speeds.

All in all, the 2015 Lotus Evora GT4 is a magnificent and fully prepped racing car with two seats inside and with endless possibilities of customization. Lotus will provide service for the car and even training for service technicians.

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