The 2015 Mercedes AMG GT May Not Be The Fastest Or The Most Powerful, But It’s Epic

Mercedes-Benz built supercars have always been extremely appealing, advanced and rather incredible to say the least. In the past 15 years they revealed a few rather incredible sports cars. Starting the supercar story back at the start of the 2000s after unveiling the mighty McLaren Mercedes SLR, Mercedes-Benz sent a clear message to anyone outside – “don’t mess with us”. The only cars powerful enough to cope with the might of the SLR were the Murcielago, the Enzo and the Carrera GT. However, Mercedes discontinued its cooperation with the McLaren and they started working on an all new car. It was a bit down to the ground, but it had some serious grunt. Called the SLS AMG, the new car was developed and produced by people from 2015 Mercedes AMG GT in Affalterbach, Germany and time stopped again. Mercedes Benz had the best car one more time. The last attempt for stopping the world of sports cars was the creation of even more tamer sports car. Amazingly, Mercedes did not try to outperform the SLS AMG, but they did create a wonderfully looking and top performing Mercedes-Benz AMG GT – the ultimate Porsche 911 fighter.

Two door, two seat sports car was unveiled in 2014. It is a bit smaller, a lot lighter and almost as fast as the SLS AMG. So, it isn’t a car from the same sports car class, but it is a vehicle created to conquer the part of the market which seeks something more than the Jaguar F-Type or the Porsche 911. Special space frame chassis was constructed. The car was built using steel, aluminum and magnesium which lowered the mass of the two door coupe under 3.400 lbs.

2015 Mercedes AMG GT Left Exterior

Up front is an all new four liter twin turbocharged V8 with dry sump lubrication aluminum crankcase and even aluminum pistons. The engine can be integrated in the car in two different power output versions. The less powerful one develops 475 HP and 600 Nm of torque, while the top notch version has a power output of 510 HP and 650 Nm. As it is connected to a 7 speed dual clutch transmission, later connected with the limited slip diff, the engine is powerful enough to accelerate the 2015 Mercedes AMG GT to 60 mph in less than 4 seconds. Actually, some even reported that the car can accelerate to 60 in as low as 3 seconds, which is basically in the same league with the supercars of today. Officially, the AMG GT can achieve 60 mph in 3,9 seconds, while the AMG GT S is 0,2 seconds faster than that.

As impressive as it looks, the new 2015 Mercedes AMG GT is a creation that put the Mercedes-Benz back in the segment of mid range sports cars. Despite of the fact that it is not the fastest, or the most powerful Benz ever created, the AMG GT is definitely the most advanced sports car currently on offer. With double wishbone suspension adaptive dampers, special systems created to maximize the grip in all situations and the most advanced steering developed by AMG, the 2015 Mercedes AMG GT represents the best of today’s sports car creations.

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