The 2015 Mercedes SLK-Class Is The Premium Roadster Which Has It All

Finding a perfect roadster and not consulting Mercedes for help is a mistake. They have one of the best offerings out there and if you are in the market for small sports car which can be a coupe, or a convertible at a touch of a button then you’d be hard pressed to find anything more adequate than the 2015 Mercedes SLK-Class. A premium small roadster is definitely well built, its interior and exterior is perfectly weighed between the top notch quality and sporty ambiance, while the exterior talks the story about a smaller and a bigger brother – the SL is of course the bigger one here.

However, we have to start with the issues this car (and majority like it) clearly has. It is a rather small vehicle with a concept that is focused on providing top notch style and driving enjoyment. The first thing that gets sacrificed with this kind of approach is the driving comfort. There isn’t much room in the cabin, so the taller drivers will have some problems adjusting to the cramped seat. It seems that the roof mechanism didn’t allow Mercedes to widen the cabin a few more centimeters. That, however, had a nice re-precaution. Boot capacity of more than 10 cubic feet is a rather high number for this sort of car. In that segment, the 2015 Mercedes SLK-Class definitely leads the segment. Of course, cramped cabin is a bigger drawback.

2015 Mercedes SLK-Class Rear View

Other than that, there really aren’t major issues with this handsome vehicle. It looks much like the SL and that can only be a good thing. What is more, the equipment level, craftsmanship inside and the sheer premium quality of the materials inside are demonstrating the Mercedes-Benz dedication for preservation and for the creation of special quality vehicles whose characteristics cannot be easily matched by any other car. Actually, we can only think of three cars that can be compared with the SLK – the BMW Z4, the Audi TT and the Porsche Boxster.

The 2015 Mercedes SLK-Class with the four cylinder, six cylinder and eight cylinder version. The base car is the SLK250 powered by a small turbocharged engine developing 201 HP, but the real jewel in this crown is the SLK 350. With its magnificent V6 engine and a power of more than 300 HP this is the version you actually want. It can do some proper performance, like accelerating to 60 in less than 6 seconds and being capable of launching all the way to 155 mph. The latest and most expensive model in the lineup is the Mercedes SLK 55 AMG. Now, if you are really feeling lucky than this is the one that will make your child dreams come true. It has a V8 under the bonnet. The engine is good for 415 HP and in this small roadster that’s quite a lot.

Not that you won’t be satisfied with the V6, or even turbocharged four banger if you aren’t that into speed, but this will eat your heart out so hard you’ll think that the Mercedes SL is just unnecessary.

Interestingly, the vehicle is available with all sorts of Mercedes technologies we could find on the SL. It is not a lesser version of the big coupe, but it is only its smaller version. Regardless of it, you’ll get things such as COMAND technology center, Magic Sky Control (made its debut in the SLK), Dynamic Handling package, PreSafe collision mitigation and limited slip diff (only for the top notch AMG car with Handling package). All in all, this is a roadster that feels small, but it doesn’t lack any of the big boy’s toys.

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