The 2015 Mini Roadster Is A Sports Car With A Retro Look

The Mini Roadster isn’t just any car without a roof. It is the closest thing to an engaging sports roofless sports car that has ever been and even though they aren’t in the same segment, we have to compare it with the Mazda MX-5. True, the MX-5 is RWD car with the Mini Roadster acquiring all the goodness of driving through the front wheels. However, a few interesting features link them in great fashion. The weight is low, the center of gravity is low, the whole car enthusiast cult is strong with both of them and both are famously sharp and precise when it comes to driving.

However, while one of them is the sports car enthusiasts holy grail, the other is the ultimate fashion premium accessory with all the heritage you could ask for. Its magnificence is interwoven through the retro look linking it with the times when it was powering the nation. Of course, the Roadster wasn’t as popular as the classic Mini, but it is directly sourced from it. The 2015 Mini Roadster continues to march in the segment of the most expensive small cars with the tech sourced from the Coupe. Even though all the Mini cars are basically derivative from the same platform that gave us the classic Mini Cooper, the Roadster has some elements directly sourced from the Coupe. First of all, strengthening the features and improving rigidness and stiffness of the whole construction are definitely making the Roadster a whole lot stiffer and focused than the classic Cooper Cabrio.

2015 Mini Roadster

For the 2015 model year, not much has been changed. The car basically remained the same looking whereas only the buyers will acknowledge new standard equipment like automatic windshield wipers, sensors and quite useful automatic climate control which should work a bit even with the top down.

While this simply cannot be the only car in the house, the Mini definitely gave it a bit of flamboyance and opulence not usually associated with the cars in this class. First of all, the roof is lowered; the windshield is steeped more than on a “normal” Mini and the car has quite an interestingly looking fabric roof. True, some have said before that the roof isn’t exactly the best feature of this Mini. It lets too much noise inside and you’ll hardly have a conversation if it’s raining. On the other hand, it is very light definitely promising a lowered center of gravity which is important for a Roadster of this kind.

While all the prospects of engaging sports car are there (low center of gravity, short wheelbase, low weight and stiff chassis), the real sports stuff comes from the fact that this thing is available as a JCW as well. With 208 HP and a bit tweaked out suspension and all the other stuff, the 2015 Mini Roadster can be an entertaining piece of tech. More importantly, the sporty character is definitely present even with the lesser 1.6 liter 121 HP engine and with the Cooper S turbocharged unit with 181 HP.

As for the equipment you can get almost anything in there. The 2015 Mini Roadster comes from the BMW Group and all the modern stuff including the advanced infotainment system, impressive audio equipment, nice amenities such as Bluetooth, height adjustable seats and adaptive headlights are all there.

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