The 2015 Ram ProMaster Is A European Cargo Van That Just Might Work In The US

Rebadging one of Europe’s most notable small cargo Vans, the Doblo, Fiat elegantly made the car that can serve as an entry level RAM cargo Van for the US. The name says it all – the Ram ProMaster, which is the smallest, yet, possibly the most versatile small cargo van in the Ram lineup.

The look of the vehicle is certainly something that will remind everyone of Europe. The changes in comparison with the Fiat Doblo aren’t exactly profound, but there are some nevertheless. With a new grill upfront and new bumpers, a bit redesigned lights and a few US market mandatory elements, the ProMaster has become somewhat a more polished version of Europe’s Doblo. Of course, the shape, style and the feel remains the same as on the European brother. The changes, however, are a bit more profound under the metal.

2015 Ram ProMaster Front Interior

Apart from receiving an all-new propulsion system, the 2015 Ram ProMaster had been thoroughly prepared for the harsh conditions of US roads. That said, the ProMaster received an increase in ride height by 0.4 inches, and, interestingly, it received an independent rear suspension. Basically, the ride will be much better in comparison with any other small cargo van in the US. So, if you are about to transport anything fragile, you’d be better with the ProMaster than with any other similarly dimensioned cargo van.

The truth about 2015 Ram ProMaster car is rather interesting. It is being built in Turkey and it will be imported in the US as a passenger car with five seats. Taxation for the imported cargo vans is rather high in the US and that is why every one of them will be imported as a passenger car. After that, FCA will remove the rear seats and make all necessary adjustments to make the car a full-fledged compact two seat cargo van. This way, FCA will avoid the taxation (25 percent) and offer the car with competitive prices.

Other changes in comparison with the European Doblo include the integration of an all-new engine under the bonnet. Fiat made Doblo available with a small turbocharged diesel engine in the EU, but the RAM made a whole different approach to it. A Tigershark engine is inside.

The 2.4 liter four cylinder engine developing healthy 178 HP and 174 lb-ft of torque made the ProMaster above avarage powerful and it enabled the car to have a tow rating of up to 2.000 lbs (when equipped properly). Basically, Turkey built Ram ProMaster is the most powerful entry level cargo van and it has a transmission with an insane number of gears. Yes, the Ram uses nine speed automatic transmission for this car (the same tranny as in the Cherokee or many other FCA cars).

As it is based on the Doblo, the ProMaster received basically the same cargo capacity as its European brother. That is actually a great thing because the ProMaster can accept 131.9 cubic feet of cargo. Also, it has a payload capacity of 1.883 pounds which is just average for the segment.

All in all, the 2015 Ram ProMaster is something like a Fiat Doblo prepared for the US and it seems that it isn’t half bad.

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