The 2015 Scion iQ Is Small Funky Car With A Lot of Attitude

“The smallest four seater in the world”, Scion official press release stated in 2012 when the funky yet only 10 feet long iQ appeared on the market. Technically, this is a four seater, but really, no one with legs could fit on the rear seats. It is that small and, we reckon, it is basically a car for two passengers and they will feel extremely happy with the space provided and with the sheer interior arrangement of the elements inside.

Three years after not much has changed. The iQ is still only 10 feet long, it has rear seats which can fold down so you can chose to have a luggage compartment or the seats and it still has that funky look made possible largely due to its sheer size. Some like it like this and that is OK, but it seems that Toyota (or Scion, whatever you feel is right) decided not to improve or to change this car too much. Not much has changed over the years. For 2013, the iQ received only minor novelties, for 2014 a new display was installed and for the 2015 basically nothing new has come to grace the interior or the exterior of this car.

2015 Scion iQ Front Interior

Nonetheless, the 2015 Scion iQ is here and it can still offer that coolness factor it brought with itself all the way back in 2012. Toyota and Lexus designers and engineers really made a great use of 10 feet. Inside of the car seems equally roomy as in bigger models. They’ve achieved that by widening the car as much as possible. Basically, the width is a bit bigger than what we’d expect from it and because of that it is hard to find any other car that could be compared with the iQ. Yes, we know you are thinking about the smart for two, but the German car is even smaller, it is narrower and it has only two seats inside. This is basically, a whole different segment compared to it.

Even though the roominess inside is more than anyone could ever expect, the car has another feature that will be valued by anyone who likes sharp handling. This one is a performer. It doesn’t have a powerful engine, but the speed it can achieve doesn’t really matter. Short wheelbase and 16 inch wheels even on the entry level car make it extremely responsive. It is by far the most fun car for city driving. It can make easy U-turns where ever you like, it corners like a supercar and the driver can be extremely precise with it. Only small cars can provide the driver with this kind of sensation and the iQ does a magnificent job. However, with a small naturally aspirated 1.3 liter unit developing 94 HP, no one can expect any exciting numbers. On the plus side, it can provide a fuel economy of 37 mpg combined which is quite impressive.

Also, Toyota did a hell of a job to make it safe. It is small and it doesn’t feel safe, but it is safer than 10 to 15 year old SUVs. In the standard guise, the 2015 Scion iQ gets 11 airbags (one that deploys over the rear windshield), standard safety system and it received all the best marks for safety in Europe (as a Toyota iQ) and in the US.

All in all, this small funky 2015 Scion iQ car will not suffice four passengers but it will be plentiful for two. Also, those inside will be able to enjoy a comprehensive array of additional modern luxurious equipment.

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