The 2015 Scion xB Is The Most Perfect Egzotic Wagon You Can Get

If you are to find a true Kei car (cars smaller than 3.5 meters and sold only in Japan) and zoom it a bit, you’d get the Scion xB. Look at it. It’s fabulously boxy with the shape of a fridge and the charm of Tobey Maguire. You have to love it even though it’s a bit cheesy and flimsy. Its boxy shape actually grants some interesting advantages in comparison with all other cars. The interior room is absolutely huge compared with any other similarly sized MPV, or wagon (or whatever it is). The 2015 Scion xB follows the path of its predecessors and it nicely continues to dominate the market with the charm nonexistent in any other vehicle. Of course, its main competitor is the Kia Soul that looks and feels quite nice, but the Scion xB is somewhat different and unexpected.

However, the charm and interior roominess aren’t enough to make this Scion dominate the market. It needs to have much more than that to be considered a valuable player in the Wagon segment. Now, the drawbacks are quite powerful on this one and the biggest drawback of all is the 2.4-liter 158 HP engine and the four speed automatic transmission. Now, the engine isn’t bad at all, but with the “not so new” transmission it cannot pull itself together and offer competitive fuel economy values. Apparently, this thing can achieve only 24 mpgs which isn’t even close to the levels of efficiency achievable by some of its counterparts (including small crossovers). On the other hand, the engine can propel this thing to 60 mph in 8.6 seconds which isn’t bad at all.

2015 Scion xB Expert Rating

Despite its fuel efficiency problems, the 2015 Scion xB continues to march on as a though and rather interesting car whose main advantage is the enormous cargo space. With the seats down, up to 70 cubic feet of space is freed up (21 cubic feet in normal configuration) which means this thing can haul some serious gear back there. Interestingly enough, the driver and the passenger won’t be bored with all that free space. Despite not having the proper optional equipment, the 2015 Scion xB apparently can be ordered with a wealth of dealer accessories including foglights, a rear spoiler, BeSpoke audio system with navigational software, additional RCA outputs, smartphone app connectivity, a number of different wheels and even a special coilover suspension that should additionally improve the handling.

The 2015 Scion xB has a lot of equipment as standard (now including the rearview camera as well) with air conditioning, cruise control, bluetooth and audio connectivity being the most interesting features.

All in all, the xB is a nice and safe people hauler and a wagon which will make you look a bit different than anyone else. The boxy shape, a lot of equipment and enormous boot are its main advantages, but you may be disappointed with things such as rear visibility, fuel consumption and lack of different powertrain options.

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