The 2015 Seat Leon Cupra Should Be Your Hot Hatch of Choice

The Auto Emocion catchphrase was one of the most recognizable in the car business. Seat used it, but according to their new chief (who apparently knows how to sell cars) this catchphrase became rather outdated and doesn’t carry as much weight to it as it should. So, Seat changed it to “Enjoyneering”. This way he wanted to keep the enjoyment and emotion factor that Seat brings, but also accentuate the top-notch engineering that the Germans bring to the brand. A lot has changed after that. The new Seat Leon came out with an all new look, rather better sorted out interior and more refined exterior. True, it lost some of its well-known emotional appeal, but it received quality equal to that of the Golf and the Audi A3.

What it did not lose is its top-notch versions like the FR and, crucially, the Cupra. Riding on the success of the previous version, the 2015 Seat Leon Cupra truly represents the best possible entry enthusiast vehicle. Its stance, suspension, engine, transmission and, finally, exterior and the interior are much different from anything we have seen so far from Leon. Volkswagen Group heads simply instructed Seat officials to build a proper hot hatch, with a properly powerful engine, but with more affordable price than that of the Golf R and the Audi S3. Boy, did they deliver!?

2015 Seat Leon Cupra Interior View

Riding on Golf underpinnings, the 2015 Seat Leon Cupra is available as a three-door hatch, five-door hatch and five-door estate (first time for the Leon). The official name of the car is the Seat Leon Cupra 280 and you are right if you think that the number 280 reveals the engine power. You don’t have to be rocket scientists to know this, do you!?

Apart from the 280 HP turbocharged two-liter engine, the Cupra received special electronic limited slip differential, rather large 19 inch wheels (if you are really pushing it), and two options for the transmission – DSG and six speed manual. Although the manual transmission will give you a lot of control in the turns and when in need to show some funny tricks with the car, the fact is that the DSG is so well made and well balanced that you’d have to go for it.

As expected the top notch Cupra is loaded up with all sorts of amenities. Everything Volkswagen had in its own inventory was put up for use in the Seat Leon Cupra. That is why this car has lane assist, blind spot monitoring system, emergency braking, radar based cruise control, a nice and upscale infotainment system, Start/Stop system and much more. This kind of equipment is not a novelty, but it is obviously nice to have all of these advanced things to keep you safe.

And they have to keep you safe in the 2015 Seat Leon Cupra, because this is one fast car. 0-62 time of 6.1 seconds and top speed electronically capped at 155 mph will make you a rather dangerous beast on the roads. It is almost as fast as the best Golf or as the Audi S3. Although we cannot really compare the Cupra with those cars since both of them have an all-wheel drive, while all the power this thing has is sent to the front wheels.

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