The 2015 Suzuki APV Is A Commercial Van So Simple It’s Actually Cool

It’s a Van, it is simple, small and so dull it is actually cool. We could call it a Van for hipsters, it is that quirky in some strange kinda way. What is the APV really!? This is basically a car which will surprise you simply because you have never ever heard of it. An Indonesian built Suzuki, made for commercial use is strictly built and adapted for use in inner city runabouts. It is small. Measuring just above 163 inches in length, 73 inches in height and 65 inches in width, the APV is like a perfect alternative to the small and compact euro styled vans such as the Ford Transit Connect, the Renault Kangoo or the VW Caddy. However, it is much more affordable than any one of them.

Built to be one of the cheapest commercial Vans in the segment, the small Suzuki APV actually doesn’t have much in terms of specialties and hardware features that would ease the prospects of loading or securing cargo. Basically, this is a box on wheels whose interior is stripped of any additional elements. Even the door panels are totally flat with window levers and door handles being the only additional elements on it. If this was a military grade car, we wouldn’t even question it. It is that spartan.

2015 Suzuki APV

Basically, insulation material is out, all creature comforts are also removed, but you can get  Clarion sound system, air con and central locking. That is about it really. A much bigger problem could lay in the lack of room in the passenger cabin. Two flat and simple seats without height adjustment possibility, non-adjustable steering wheel and rather cramped space wouldn’t fit all of us, but hey, these are the drawbacks of the cheapest Van in the segment so we have to accept it.

As for the back and loading area, the 2015 Suzuki APV should be able to swallow more than 1300 lbs plus two XL size passengers (if the can fit in the cabin that is). What is more, the vehicle will feel quite happy with this entire load in it. Front McPhearson and back leaf spring setup will definitely support anything you throw at it. As the loading area is almost all flat and has access from the back and from the sides, the loading of just about anything shouldn’t be a problem. Actually, all doors open like on the usual passenger car, so the 2015 APV could dramatically be improved with split rear doors and two side slide doors. However, the price could go up in that case.

In comparison with all the other commercial Vans it is up against, the 2015 Suzuki APV actually has a rear wheel drive and one engine option. A small 16-liter petrol engine feeds 92 HP to the rear wheels and it provides brisk enough acceleration and fuel consumption you won’t feel bad about (officially, 34 UK MPG).

What you could feel bad about is the fact that only the newest models come equipped with ESP. However, everyone has ABS. And yes, there is a passenger car built upon it, but it doesn’t bring that much enhancements. The trim inside is a bit better, it has more insulation material throughout and it is a bit nicer with alloys, better color choices, etc.

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