The 2015 Toyota Crown Majesta Is A Japan-Only Luxury Sedan We Like A Lot

Toyota doesn’t exactly have the same image in Japan as in the rest of the world. Outside Japan we may find it rather incredible when someone buys a top-notch most expensive Toyota sedan, but in Japan, a car called the Crown Majesta is like a status symbol. This car is close to the level of sophistication and refinement of the BMW 5 series and that is a hell of a statement. The last, sixth generation hit the showrooms in Japan back in 2013 with front engine and rear wheel drive layout. However, in comparison with any Crown Majesta from before, the newest generation received the downsized 3.5 liter six cylinder engine. Almost every other predecessor employed the V8 engine.

However, Toyota goes with the times and the new car did, in fact, receive a propulsion system straight from the Lexus GS450h. That means, in addition to the 3.5-liter V6, a rather powerful electric motor makes up for everything lost with the downsizing. More than 195 inches long vehicle is powered by a system developing 340 HP and while that doesn’t seem too much, we have to acknowledge that the 2015 Toyota Crown Majesta was intended for sale only in Japan and boy do they tax power and engine capacity there. No wonder Kei cars are so popular there.

2015 Toyota Crown Majesta 3 D View

Regardless, the vehicle is powerful enough to be considered the Toyota’s crown achievement. Well, almost literally.

Don’t, however, think for a minute that this is something similar to the Toyota Crown. It may have certain stylistic causes or similar architecture, but Toyota gave it a thorough makeover in comparison with the Crown. The 2015 Toyota Crown Majesta really is majestic in many ways, starting from its exterior looks where almost European stylistic causes are in place. Large chromed grille and aggressive front lights with nicely decorated sides and back definitely make the right impression on the passersby. The interior is even more striking. With large center touch screens and leather wrapped door panels and dash, the Crown Majesta shows us that even Toyota can be extremely luxurious. Some elements are a bit outdated – like the automatic gearbox levers or the door handles. They look somewhat old.

Not only that this Toyota model makes us wonder about all the things we might be missing out coming from this proficient Japanese manufacturer, but it also shows that somewhere in the world Toyota can sell expensive salons. Of course, for the rest of the world, the Lexus is the Toyota way to go into premium.

All in all, the 2015 Toyota Crown Majesta is the crown achievement of the Toyota Japan. It is unexpectedly available on some foreign markets, but really, would you ever give a 5 series money for a Toyota saloon? What’s more, this one is only a hybrid-powered car. Besides of the top notch hybrid system from the Lexus GS, for 2015, the Toyota Crown Majesta is available with the smaller 2.5 liter base engine with an electric motor helping it propel the car. However, we are certain you’d like something more for the 4034 lb car.

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