The 2015 Toyota Sienna Is A People Carrier From Dreams

Crossovers and SUVs are slowly but surely taking over the entire customer base from the MPVs. True, the obvious problem for the MPVs always was their image in the motoring world. They aren’t what we’d call enthusiast vehicles and many consider them to be quite boring and unexciting despite numerous practicality virtues they bring. Even though we are quite sure many of them will die out in the next five years or so, we have a reason to believe that the Toyota Sienna with its cool looks, refined cabin and engaging driving characteristics will continue to march strong.

For the 2015 model year, the Toyota Sienna received a quite nice makeover. Not that it was radically changed or anything, but it received a bit more angular front and back lights, nicer cabin features, shuffled equipment through the trim levels and a bit plusher ride. This was a nice eight seater even before the 2015 makeover and many considered it to be one of a few very best MPVs in the class. The 2015 Toyota Sienna isn’t any different and it is available in five different trim levels – L, LE, SE, XLE and Limited.

2015 Toyota Sienna Price

What is even more important is that the Sienna has an off-road brother – the 4×4 Sienna and if we are to believe the Internet this thing might be the only 4×4 available at this point of time. That is awesome if you are living somewhere in the woods with other seven members of the family.

While the 2015 Toyota Sienna features quite an entertaining and bold outside with things such as alloy wheels, roof rails, powered sliding doors, chromed packed and much more even in the entry level packages such as L and LE, the real stuff you’ll be blown away by is hidden in the SE, XLE and Limited trim levels. The upper trim will get you 19 inch wheels, sporty suspension (which honestly makes the ride more exciting, but the spleen of your passenger won’t like it that much), heated seats, power liftgate, a whole array of safety equipment and even a Driver Easy Speak system. Believe it or not this is a system broadcasting the driver’s voice through the speakers so anyone can hear him.

Why, because the driver is the king, the dictator and your life is in his hands, that’s why. Walking through the trim levels could make you buy some stuff you don’t need (like upgraded leather seating, heated steering wheel and maybe a sunroof), but then again, if you want to spec it out, you can’t do without it.

Every 2015 Toyota Sienna is powered by a quite powerful 3.5 liter V6. The petrol engine isn’t exactly the most fuel efficient in the world returning 21 mpg (for the FWD) and 19 mpg (for the AWD), but its 266 HP and 245 lb ft of torque will launch the Sienna to 62 in 7 and a half seconds. That is nice.

All in all, the Sienna will haul, tow and ride fast when needed. It will make all the things MPV have to make great and eight people inside will have a ton of space and a lot of creature comforts. However, it is obvious you’d rather go the extra mile and buy an SUV. It’s not daft at all.

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