The 2015 Wiesmann GT MF5 Is An Alternative We Like More Than The Real Sports Car

As a German specialty marque, Wiesmann has been trying to surface out of the small car manufacturer problems for a long time. As you may imagine, lack of financial support and small output cripple all small manufacturers, yet, Wiesmann managed to endure for more than 20 years. However, they went bankrupt in 2014 and just when the world started forgetting their awesome small BMW powered machines, two British millionaires and car enthusiasts appeared to save the day and the company.

Before the company went bankrupt, their car portfolio included the GT MF4 and the GT MF5 powered by an amazing BMW 4.4 liter V8 developing 544 hp. This engine was sourced from the BMW M5 and in its newest iteration, it pushes out massive 575hp. Imagine this powerful engine in a car that looks like the magnificent 2015 Wiesmann GT MF5.

2015 Wiesmann GT MF5

While the new owners, Roheen Berry and Anita Tatalovic, said that the production will resume in early 2016, we are quite certain that they have started taking orders for the cars already. Now, for the start, the only car Wiesmann is capable of producing is the bigger and more powerful 2015 Wiesmann GT MF5. This one uses the engine BMW actually still produces – the S63 (from the M5 and some other M machines) and the GT MF5 is the latest creation since it debuted in 2009 which is not exactly too old.

The 2015 Wiesmann GT MF5 did bring a whole wealth of novelties to the world of Wiesmann and made the car advanced enough to compete even with modern sports cars. However, its biggest asset is its looks which draw some inspiration from retro cars and classics. This results in a modern aura and something rather pleasing for the eyes of today.

Now, the looks are not only nice but also gentle on air and with all the aluminum on it, this thing does not weigh too much as well. As it turns out, it tops out at 3240 lbs which is similar to the BMW M4. With the eight-speed automatic inside, the aluminum monocoque and glass-fiber body can act fast on the roads. Numbers tell us that the GT MF5 will slash the four-second mark traveling to 62 mph while the top speed is on the good end of 190 mph. These are almost supercar performance features, yet they come at a high price. Even back in 2013, the smaller and less powerful hardcore GT MF4-CS fetched a price of $200.000. Just imagine what the bespoke M5 engine 2015 model would go for.

Apart from top engineering, the inside of the Wiesmann Cars is not opulent or refined as in other top notch cars such as McLaren or the like, but it can be personalized to the last detail so one can make the car as unique as possible. As expected, the interior follows the same retro theme but can be updated with all sorts of infotainment systems and modern features. More importantly, driving aids and safety systems show the dedication of Wiesmann to the creation of an advanced car. Everything is available, including airbags, power steering, BMW safety system, DSC, ABS and even adjustable suspension.

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