The Lotus Exige S Review

The Lotus Exige S is another brilliant car from Lotus. The company which came into existence about 63 years back has a reputation of manufacturing brilliant racing cars. The company is known for its fast cast cars that take part in the Formula One races. When it comes to engineering, this company produces one of the best cars that you can imagine. The addition of the Lotus Exige in the armory of the company has completely revolutionized the outlook of the company since this car is not a racing car but has all the features of one.

The Lotus Exige can hit the track but also the looks of this car are the same as one of those luxury cars out there. So now you have a car that has got amazing looks and at the same time can offer you speed similar to that of a racing car. The Lotus Exige when first introduced had some shortcomings, which is understandable since it was the first of its kind. But the Lotus Exige S has fulfilled all the slightest of edges in which the Lotus Exige was lacking.

Lotus Exige S Expert Ratings

The Weight

When you consider Lotus Exige S’s 3.5-litre V6, you will feel that this car should be really heavy with its heavy engine. But in reality, it is not the case despite having a pretty huge engine; the car appears to be much sleeker and softer, hence giving it a look to die for.

When compared with all the other cars of the same sort this car is much lighter than them. The power to weight ratio of the Lotus Exige S is the same as that of 911 Turbo. Then when you know that the vehicle is produced by one of the best in business you have nothing to worry about, whether it is acceleration or handling.

How The Drive Feels?

As the Lotus Exige S has a brand name that never disappoints, therefore you can be rest assured about the performance it delivers. The car can go from 0-60 mph in just 3.9 seconds. When talking about the acceleration of this car it is simply relentless. When having a car such like this one the response is something that matters, which is instantaneous, to say the least. The car grips quite well, and when it comes to changing direction the EXIGE S does it electrically. You can have a feel of a racing car while driving the Lotus Exige S once the aero effects pop in.

The Interior

The interior of the Lotus Exige S is much improved as compared to the previous Lotus Exige. It was a task to get in and out with the Lotus Exige but the interior of the Exige S is quite a better, one with the bucket seats easier to get into. There is also an Alpine stereo that comes with this car, the clarity of which is quite good.


The Exige S has a pretty high price approximately of $132,990 but when you consider all the features and specifications that the Lotus Exige S is equipped with you will find it pretty reasonable.

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