The Ultimate SUV- 2015 VOLKSWAGEN T-ROCK

The 2014 auto show in Geneva saw some remarkable vehicles; among these phenomenal vehicles, stood the 2015 VOLKSWAGEN T-ROCK. The concept of the car has a design from the future and has enormous amount of power.

The front of the 2015 VOLKSWAGEN T-ROCK is very eye catching with an elegant mask in the grid with big holes. It goes from one corner of the light to another and the form is rather thinner. The headlights of the car are very stylish and give the vehicle an aggressive look. The lights of the vehicle are LED. As we go a little lower, fog lights are installed in a large circular plate. This isn’t it; going further below is a camera that is hardly visible. The camera records almost everything that takes place in front of the vehicle. When the drivers set off for off-road driving, the spotlight and the well-disguised camera activate its self automatically. The good thing about the vehicle is that it’s a combination of many types of vehicles with the exterior that looks pretty sports and the size overall is large like SUV’s and Sedans. The 2015 VOLKSWAGEN T-ROCK is ready to counter extreme conditions like sand, snow and other different kinds of challenging terrains. However, that does not mean that it’s only confined to off-roads, it’s pretty good on the streets and highways as well. The big frame of the car really ensures the drivers and others safety. The tires are 19-inches in size. Moving towards the backside, the part looks fantastic and pleasing to eyes. The signal lights are pretty modern and nice looking and the exhaust is square in shape giving T-ROCK a cutting edge look. The MQB platform is what the 2015 VOLKSWAGEN T-ROCK is based on, making it extremely light.  Despite being a massive vehicle it only weighs around 1400 kg. One of the most prominent features of T-ROCK is its convertible roof. It is perhaps the only SUV that can convert itself. The entire roof goes in to the trunk only with the push of a single button. This is something that will attract a lot of buyers.

Volkswagen T-ROC Concept

The interior of the vehicle is nothing short of extraordinary. The manufacturers have worked on every single detail and put together a masterpiece. The seats inside are all leather and extremely comfortable. The central console has a 12.3-inch large screen display which contains all the information a driver needs. The driving modes – street, off-road and snow are also one of the major features of the car.

This remarkable vehicle deserves an equally remarkable engine and that is exactly what it has. The Vehicle contain in itself a 2.0 litatski 4 cylinder TDI engine, which will produce a force of 184 horsepower and 380 lb-ft of torque. This monster will go from 0 to 60 mph in less than 7 seconds. The maximum speed is up to 125 miles per hour. Good thing about this SUV is that it’s going to be fuel efficient and will consume only 4.9 liters every 6 miles.

9 Photos of the The Ultimate SUV- 2015 VOLKSWAGEN T-ROCK

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